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Miami Beach, Florida’s picture-postcard winter playground has blossomed into a sophisticated community that welcomes visitors at any time of year. Miami Beach offers more than fantasy Art Deco buildings; it is blessed with diverse cultural institutions, public beaches and boutiques that put a designer spin on Miami Beach shopping. Miami Beach, Florida’s trendy charms revolve around its cuisine, sizzling nightspots and cultural scene.

About Miami Beach

Nelson Gonzalez Since the 1920s, Miami Beach has been synonymous with glamour, glitz and non-stop sun. The epicenter of the beach is really on the barrier island’s south end, which is why South Beach is really what people mean when they refer to Miami Beach. At 17 blocks long and 12 blocks wide, South Beach is a perfect place for a walk.

With boutiques, restaurants, bars, clubs, museums and, of course, sandy beaches, you'll never be bored. The following is a perfect walking tour for an afternoon, or can be split up over a day or two.

We will begin our tour at Lummus Park, at Ocean Drive and Seventh Street. (This is also a great place to start because there is a parking garage on Seventh, between Washington and Collins). This park stretches from Fifth to Fifteenth Streets and hugs a beautiful, sugar-sand beach. The park features a winding path perfect for strolling.

While in the park, walk east a few steps east, over a dune, and you’re on the beach. Look to your west and you will see the stunning Art Deco architecture Miami Beach is famous for. If you need a cold drink – or a scrumptious seafood dinner – cross Ocean Drive and pick a sidewalk restaurant.

The view of Ocean Drive from Lummus Park is an especially beautiful view at night, when the Art Deco hotels turn on their antique neon signs. Don’t worry about strolling in the park in the early evening hours – the park is heavily patrolled by police. Another nighttime bonus: there’s usually groups of musically inclined folks playing bongos and singing.


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