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JUST SOLD at $11,500,000 | 228 W Dilido Drive + 302 W Dilido Drive |

Two adjacent waterfront properties on the Venetian Islands in Miami Beach, each measuring 10,500-SF with 60-FT of water to a total of 21,000 square feet of premier waterfront land with 120 feet of linear waterfrontage on Biscayne Bay! This double waterfront property is situated on the west side of Dilido Island, and because of its ideal exposure it offers unobstructed views of Downtown Miami and the lush scenery of San Marino Island.

Interconnected between each other with the Venetian Causeway, the Venetian Islands of Miami Beach are manmade islands connecting Miami Beach with Miami. As you walk or drive through the Venetian Causeway, you will enjoy 360-degree views of serene water, endless sunsets, abundant boating activity, and beautiful luxury homes everywhere! Because of its uniquely scenic nature, the Venetian Causeway is widely used by locals for morning bike rides, running, or casual walking and enjoying the incredible views. The views and the easy accessibility to both, Miami Beach’s and Miami’s cultural and entertainment venues, many great restaurants, shops, gyms, and grocery stores are what has made the Venetian Islands to become the most selling and sought-after waterfront neighborhood for luxury real estate in Miami Beach in recent years.

Based on data from Facts & Trends Report, in 2018 inventory levels for waterfront homes on the Venetian Islands show decline by a 100% when compared to year 2008. In 2012, inventory levels for waterfront homes on the Venetian Islands dropped to their lowest and record level, and since then for the next 6 years inventory levels have stayed stable, while pending and closed sales have been slightly, but consistently increasing. The trend line for price-per-square-foot in the last 10 years, also, shows constant and consistent increase, while the average price for sale and average sold price shows constant and significant increase. Another indicator of high demand for real estate is the average days on the market; and, even this number shows in favor for the Venetian Islands. The same positive trends show for non-waterfront homes on the Venetian-Islands of Miami Beach. Inventory levels, pending sales, and closed sales for non-waterfront real estate have been consistently stable since 2010, while the average price-per-square-foot, the average price for sale, and the average sold price have been consistently increasing. Click Here to Request Facts & Trends reports discussed in this market update.

In the last 2.5 years, we have sold over $84 Million worth of real estate on the Venetian Islands, only. If you are looking to buy home on the Venetian Island, we currently have the best deal on the Venetian Islands - 403 E Dilido Drive, offered at $5.9M. Click here to learn more about this property.

If you have any questions or need help selling or buying luxury home in Miami Beach, contact us today.

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